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Monsoon Skincare: Discover the Benefits of Surbhitam Moisturizing Cream

Surbhitam Moisturizing Cream

Rain is a welcome relief from the summer’s oppressive heat, isn’t it? The weather in the monsoon finally turns cooler. Although the season has many benefits, be aware that it also presents a variety of skin issues. Your skin struggles to adjust to the changing climate and preserve its attractiveness as the humidity level climbs. Therefore you should use a healthy monsoon skincare regimen to combat all kinds of problems of the skin. During this season it may be challenging for people with oily or acne-prone skin to regulate the additional pol on their faces.

Moreover, it’s crucial to modify your skin care regimen as the seasons change. A regular skincare regimen and the use of gentle products can help you prevent issues. You should do a few additional steps in addition to cleansing, toning, and moisturizing to maintain the health of your skin throughout the season and prepare for proper monsoon skin care.

Significance of maintaining well-hydrated skin in Monsoon

Surbhitam Moisturizing Cream

Given that the monsoon season is approaching, maintaining the pH balance of the skin requires a skincare program. We should develop the daily practice of taking care of our skin because it is both an external and internal reflection of our bodies. While the rains do help to reduce the heat, they also bring humidity and moisture, which can cause several skin issues like fungus infections, and allergies.

Therefore your skin’s texture during the monsoon shifts from oily to dry, with clogged pores. The high moisture level in our surroundings makes us more susceptible to rashes, acne and other skin problems. Skincare thus should become an extremely crucial step in your everyday life.

Therefore following are the steps :

  • Drinking lots of water is the most crucial thing you should do to keep your skin hydrated. The process of preparation loses 30% of the water from your skin. So for the best hydration, it is a must for you to consume water. It is evident from a study that a regular diet that contains more water and fluids may have a better effect on normal skin than a diet that contains less water.

  • Additionally, it’s also important to pick an ideal cleanser for your skin. That won’t make your face dry. According to research, cleansers with gel bar bases work best for oily skin. Therefore for normal to dry skin, however cream and lotion-based cleansers work the best.

  • Henceforth moisturisers also play a very crucial role in this process. They help to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, preventing dryness and promoting skin health. For instance, petroleum-based treatments have shown an immediate increase in skin moisture, promoting skin health.

  • Another component ceramides, had demonstrated a reduction in water loss in cases of atopic dermatitis or eczema.

  • Moreover, your skin becomes dull and prone to breakouts of the pimple due to constant perspiration, oil buildup, and pollution. To eliminate the dead skin cells and widen your pores, you should use an exfoliation. You should use this twice a week. Using a natural scrub made of oats, curd, honey, almond milk, or besan and lemon is highly beneficial in the monsoon.

  • In reality, the monsoon season is when the sun’s rays are the most intense. Even if the sky is cloudy or the sun isn’t as strong, the UV rays can still harm your skin permanently. Before leaving the house, put on a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30!

Surbhitam Cosmetics and their commitment to skincare

Surbhitam Cosmetics’ is a quickly growing brand name in the cosmetics industry.

Dermatologists and patterns are increasingly recognising Surbhitam Pharmaceutical as a “company with strong value and trust” in this industry because of its most economical line of pharmaceuticals. After 10 years, Surbhitam Cosmetics has made the ultimate decision to broaden its line of skin care products to include a customer-focused technologically advanced line of result-driven products.

Their primary objective is to create a line of high-quality, moderate office skincare products that will satisfy every customer. Moreover, Surbhitam Cosmetics products the clients and staff above anything else followed by those of the community and stakeholders.

Discover Surbhitam Moisturizing Cream

Surbhitam Moisturizing Cream

The surbhitam moisturizing cream is a well-liked and sensible option for persons with dry skin. This moisturising cream contains a variety of ingredients such as glycerine, allantoin, aloe vera, sunflower seeds, horsetail, coconut extract, jojoba oil and almond to deeply hydrate and nourish the face. This ensures that your skin will retain moisture. 

Additionally, the product is much simpler for you to apply and absorb into your skin besides its delicate and creamy texture. It has also a wonderful scent that will add a cheerful fragrance to your skincare routine.

Key features of their Surbhitam moisturizing cream

With its excellent ingredients, Surbhitam Cosmetics’ products work like heaven on your skin and give you the best result. Other than that, there are a ton of reasons why you should select Surbhitam Cosmetics Moisturising cream.

  • The moisturising cream from Surbhitam Cosmetics aids in preserving the skin’s natural skin barrier at its best, protecting it from numerous stressors such as damaging UV radiation and environmental pollution, both of which are highly bad for your skin.
  • In contrast, the fine elements in the moisturising cream from Surbhitam Cosmetics will provide you with several benefits because all the ingredients are carefully selected and natural.
  • Your skin will be beautiful and radiant, and you’ll feel almost as youthful as you look by using moisturiser every day!
  • With daily use of the new moisturising cream introduced by Surbhitam Cosmetics, your dry skin can be softened and soothed. By using this product, dry, rough, scaly, and itchy skin can be avoided or addressed. It also takes care of minor skin irritations like rashes.

How Surbhitam Cosmetics' product stands out in terms of benefits

You won’t believe the benefits that Surbhitam moisturizing cream provides for your skin. Let’s examine the advantages of applying the product to your skin in more detail.

  • In addition to improving the skin barrier, the hydrating body mist from Surbhitam Cosmetics with nourishing ingredients aids in the restoration of your skin’s natural defence system. 
  • It helps keep the microbiome of your skin in balance and defends your skin from harmful germs. This will allow you to have healthy skin.
  • The amazing chemical and paraben-free formula of the moisturising cream by Surbhitam cosmetics leaves your skin damage-free and also prevents it from any kind of allergies.

Key Ingredients

The ingredients of your moisturizers play a great role in protecting and making your skin hydrated. As well as to protect it from allergies and other issues in the monsoon season and also the transition period of the weather when it changes.

Surbhitam Cosmetics’ revolutionary moisturising cream has some outstanding chemical-free ingredients which are extremely important for their capacity to retain the lost moisture of your skin.

Therefore let us take a look at the list of ingredients


To lock in the moisture it draws to the skin, glycerin is frequently coupled with occlusives, another type of moisturising agent, in skin care product lines. Glycerol, often known as glycerin, is a naturally occurring chemical produced from plant or animal fats. It is a clear, flavourless, syrupy liquid with a sweet taste.

It is also widely known for its capacity to shield against skin irritation. Moreover, it is suitable for sensitive skin as it is non-allergic.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is used as a natural remedy for common skin conditions. This is because the plant’s gel-like elements are known as the best treatment for sensitive skin conditions like sunburn, tiny cuts, and mild abrasions.

It quickly absorbs into your skin, and this substance is well renowned for its absorbent qualities. And sensitive skin will love it. But it can also help with dry skin as well. The use of aloe vera significantly helps your skin maintain moisture. You can also use Aloe Vera to protect skin from the skin.

Oatmeal extract

According to the report published in 2018, applying a Moisturising lotion containing oatmeal extract can reduce the dryness to a whole new level, along with the itching, and scaling that are signs of disorders including dry skin. The ingredient also proved to support skin barrier maintenance and restoration.

Moreover, a skin disorder known as Psoriasis occurs when the immune system causes an excessive proliferation of skin cells. This causes dryness and irritation and the emergence of dry skin patches. Therefore the component of Surbhitam Cosmetics proves to be the most suitable to use on sensitive skin.

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid, another name for vitamin C, is a water-soluble component that is crucial for the health of your body and skin. Moreover, the vitamin’s main component is collagen which keeps the skin smooth and young-looking.

Without enough moisture, the epidermis, or layer of the skin, begins to dry up, resulting in itchiness, scaliness, and early ageing. Keep your skin hydrated to maintain its health and young appearance.

How to apply the all-new Surbhitam Cosmetics moisturising cream

You can generously apply this wonderful product as needed or as per a doctor’s advice. 

Thus to achieve the greatest outcomes, you should take the following actions.

Step 1: Washing your face with just barely warm water is an essential first step in moisturising your face.

Step 2: Next, massage a mild face wash that is appropriate for your skin type into a lather and apply it in a circular motion.

Step 3: After that, wash your face completely with lukewarm water, patting it somewhat wet. Because wet skin is ideal for product absorption.

Step 4: Finish by applying the moisturiser cream from Surbhitam Cosmetics’ to achieve healthy, moisturised and beautiful skin.


To sum it all up, moisturizers are your blessings that help the skin start moistured. The skin is away from becoming dry, irritated or flaky. Additionally, there is numerous type of moisturisers including creams, lotions, ointments, body butter and gels.

Applying Moisturiser to your skin can help you look better and get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. By reducing the chance of infection in monsoon season, it also maintains the barrier system of the skin. Which protects the skin to any extent. 

The Surbhitam cosmetics moisturising cream therefore is the ultimate solution for all kinds of dryness that your skin faces during the monsoon season. Therefore your skincare routine should contain the moisturising cream by Surbhitam Cosmetics. So grab the moisturising cream from Surbhitam Cosmetics and protect your skin now!


  • What are the benefits of moisturisers?

    The benefits of using the best moisturiser for your skin are uncountable. They include protection from the elements, improved texture, and tone, and diminished signs of ageing.

  • What are moisturisers?

    A moisturiser is a skincare item intended to keep the skin's moisture level stable. It is necessary for every skincare regimen and is not just for dry skin. This applies to skin types with oily combination and sensitive skin.

  • Is Surbhitam Cosmetic’s moisturising body mist very pricey?

    Not at all, their product is worth the price as they provide several kinds of fused products which are very beneficial for your skin.

  • Is it really important to use moisturisers in the monsoon season?

    It is very necessary to have a hydrating moisturiser in your skincare routine as in the monsoon season, your skin becomes more prone to allergies and different types of fungus as well. So using a hydrating moisturiser actually protects your skin from all kinds of skin problems.